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Shopmovies is an online e-commerce pioneer manufacturer of electronic /software products with most cost-efficient prices and ready to ship around the world at 3-7 days speed. Purchasing from Shopmovies even on retail quantity basis, you can get whole sale price.Our products include:Software such as Adobe, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Windows, Norton,Kaspersky.

1. Most Cost-Efficiency

The majority of products come from our own factories directly with efficiency and bulk manufacture; the unit price for each product can be low down in maximum scale than the mediators or traders. For the similar type of product, our product not only has its special and user-friendly design, but also made with durable materials with environmentally sound technology. Furthermore, we have built a very stringent and comprehensive quality control system. All products will go through material quality control, processing quality control, and final product quality control before shipment. With this strict quality control system, we assure the products’ superexcellent performance. That is why for the similar appearance product on other websites, you can also get much higher standard quality one from us.

2, Reliability

We claim that all pictures and videos were taken exactly from our real product in production, and the specification and description are accurately match the products. This will ensure the product you receive is going to work exactly as described on our website.

3. Product Flexibility

We integrate high technology and electronic advantages in developing and producing our products. We are actively involved in research, development and production of intellectual equipment, innovation products as well as promotional gifts. Thanks to our experienced and high efficiency market researching team, new products and features are constantly being developed and updated. Furthermore, to meet customer’s changing and customized demand, we supply wholesale customers with their unique requested design, special material, logo printing etc for the products to ensure perfect OEM & ODM services.

4, Prompt and Premium Service

With 5 year’s experiences in B2B and B2C business, Shopmovies has been dedicating to build a advanced service team. We offer service access by instant online Live chat (Chat 3 Support), MSN, email, Web message, phone call, forum and utilized FAQ. Live support and phone call will be answered immediately; and web message, email and forum will be well replied usually within 15 hours.


Under composition of well-treated workers, skillful technical engineers and professional Service staff, we assure to provide products in top-quality, advanced and comprehensive service at unbeatable price.

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